Management 101

The Hillsborough BOCC has given County Administrator Pat Bean until January 22 to come up with a detailed plan of what she expects to accomplish in the next two years. Isn’t it the job of the BOCC to set goals for the County administrator, who works for the BOCC?

The Hillsborough County Schools is reportedly taking the $100 million Gates Grant money along with a matching $102 million plus $32 million each year thereafter to among other things, set up a program whereby 200 to 300 of Hillsborough teachers will be taken out of the classroom and assigned the duties of mentoring and motivating all the other teachers. Isn’t this the job of the school principals and school administrators?

We might get better bang for the buck if all our highly paid county leaders took the responsibility of getting back to actually supervising the people who report to them. Perhaps they could take a remedial course in Management 101? By the way, these same leaders who are not leading are accountable to We the People, the ones who voted them to represent us in the first place.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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