Climate Conspiracy Theory

Oil companies make obscene profits selling us their oil products. They have an intrinsic need to maintain that status quo. The controversy on global warming actually benefits Big Oil because it focuses our attention on debate rather than action. It isn’t about warming, it is about our national economic security.

The most immediate problems facing the United States are our economic dependence on foreign oil and our foreign debt used to buy it, rather than the problem of slowly rising sea levels. Another Arab oil embargo or a call on our $1 TRILLION (that’s a thousand billion dollars) debt to China would certainly and almost immediately cripple our economy.

Our nearly $100 BILLION Strategic Petroleum Reserve of 725 million barrels of oil would scarcely last us a month. Then what? We cannot depend on our combined domestic oil and alternative energy production beyond that because they can’t meet our needs today.

If we treated this situation as the crisis that it is, this country should immediately shift to a “war economy” similar to the national effort it took to win WWII. Only this time, the focus would be on becoming energy self-sufficient to protect us from hostile economic forces rather than protecting ourselves from hostile military forces.

Uncontrolled drilling for oil or burning more coal to save our economy is hardly a viable option given the lack of “clean fossil fuel” technology we have today. Developing green, sustainable alternative energy sources will not only make us energy independent but would also serve to reverse the long term effects of fossil fuel usage, at least in this country. The cost of moving our economy from fossil fuel to alternative energy sources will not be cheap or easy.

The price of gasoline could go up over $4/gallon tomorrow if foreign oil producers reduced their output of crude oil. It will go up over that in any event as world reserves fall below world demand. Why don’t we start paying more for gasoline now and take that difference and invest it in developing the technology and infrastructure necessary to deliver alternative fuels and energy for the time that we will REALLY need it? The same thing could be done by adding a few cents to our electric bills and using that to invest in nuclear as well as solar, wind, bio-mass fuels and other alternative energy sources.

Instead of sending billions of borrowed dollars to (sometimes hostile) developing nations to help them become energy independent, let’s use that money here to do the same while further reducing our share of world greenhouse gas emissions? Maybe we could also figure out how to sell to the rest of the world the energy technologies we would be developing to help us pay for it. There’s a thought.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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