Odyssey Treasure

Where is Peru’s and African’s claim in this court battle for possession of the gold and silver recovered from a Spanish warship? The lawyer for Spain says it is like the fallacy of “finder’s keepers” in that finding a Rolex in Central Park does not mean it becomes yours. By like manner, mugging someone and killing their family also does not mean it becomes yours. In 1532 Pizarro murdered the leader of the Incas in what is now Peru for gold and silver. Within 100 years most of the Incas were dead through disease or the cruelty of slavery in the mines. At the time of the sailing of the treasure ship in 1804, black slaves had been imported to work the mines. In my book, Spain has no more valid claim on anything that came out of Peru than present day Germany has on any discovered Nazi gold that came out of WWII death camps.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen

Judge rules for Spain in Odyssey treasure fight 
Judge rules against Odyssey


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