Comp Plan Amendment 10-14 “I-4 corridor”

Reading the Proposed Interstate-4 Green Tech Corridor Future Land Use Policies contained in Comprehensive Plan Amendment 10-14
I have concerns about certain outcomes:

  1. The County picks winners and losers,
  2. The County needlessly expands the Urban Service Area 

Objective 50 of the Amendment has the “aim of increasing the total number of jobs… County-wide” yet focuses only on the I-4 corridor. Not until the end of 2012 does the County “establish corresponding ‘economic development areas’ and provide incentives for the location of desirable economic growth in areas outside of the Interstate-4 Corridor.” This is too little too late, particularly since there exist in the County light industrial, research and office development properties which are already “permit-ready”. 

Policy 50.2 of the Amendment establishes a “Green-Tech Expansion Area” as an “Economic Development Overlay” located outside of the Urban Service Area. A needs analysis would show this to be premature as there is an abundance of unused property that could serve the needs of the targeted industries. South Shore Corporate Park alone has sufficient “permit-ready” property to meet the County’s projected green-tech economic development needs for the next 6 years. 

My recommendations: 

  1. Restrict construction within the Green-Tech Expansion Area (GEA) until justified by a County-wide needs analysis.
  2. Develop County-wide inventories of in-fill, permit-ready and readily-developable sites, along with comprehensive land use, infrastructure, & economic development policies to provide incentives for target industries to locate throughout Hillsborough County.

 <IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “Comp Plan Amendment 10-14 “I-4 corridor””

  1. This all makes me want to vote yes on Amendment 4 — the Board cannot be trusted with our comp plan

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