I certainly applaud Hillsborough’s efforts with Covanta to produce energy through recycling, but Ken Hagan’s opinion piece today describes the process as “nearly self-sustaining” with “energy ultimately sold to local utilities” which makes it sound free or profitable for taxpayers.

What then may I ask is the $115 million line item to Covanta Hillsborough Inc. for “energy recovery project – solid waste” shown on the Hillsborough County Department of Procurement Services Active Term Contracts (as of 04/20/2101)?

That same report shows a $12 million line item to Consolidated Resource Recovery Inc. for “yard and wood waste processing.”

 I don’t doubt that recycling benefits Hillsborough, but I would just like to have seen a fair accounting of the net cost to us taxpayers BEFORE The County expanded that program.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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