Not so great train race

In an  Opinion piece in today’s Tampa Tribune  a California auditor is quoted as calling their rail plan a “vague concept”. Have we looked closely at the latest newsletter coming out of our own MPO about the Tampa choo-choo plan? It says; “The type of transit has not yet been decided” and for each of the two transit corridors pictured there are three different possible routes. What kind of “plan” is that?

After three years of expensive consultants’ advice, Ken Hagan’s blue-ribbon Transportation Task Force is recommending the BOCC put a “penny” tax increase on the November ballot to fund this 25-year “plan”, yet there are no firm figures for the actual cost to the taxpayers. One estimate puts the total at over $6 BILLION!

At a minimum, the Transportation Task Force should be able to provide the taxpayers a one-page cash flow projection showing how much they plan to spend in each of the years of their 2035 Transit Plan; plus a total. We are only talking about 26 numbers. If that is too hard to do, then it is too hard to trust them with the big pot of money they are asking us to fund with this tax increase.

Plan first: money after.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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