Ask better questions and then listen

One problem is that the Hillsborough BOCC starts with the solution they want and then work backwards to justify it. They don’t start with unbiased goals or examination of the problems and causes. 

It is like a commissioner telling their aid to research Cadillac for their next car. There won’t be any mention of Chevrolet in the research results. If the goal was instead to research the best mode of personal transportation, the answer might be a Cadillac, but it might also be a Volvo, or even the bus, but you will never know if the question is Cadillac. 

  • If a lack of jobs now is the problem, why is long range economic development always the answer? 
  • If getting people moving around the county and easing congestion are the problems, why is rail for downtown Tampa always the answer? 
  • If creating high paying jobs in the tech industry is the goal, why is expanding the Urban Service Area along I-4 always the answer? 
  • If getting public input to aid decision making on issues is the goal, why are all opposing comments dismissed? 

To get better answers, ask better questions and then listen.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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