More light rail planning needed

Confused about the Transportation Plan? The facts in 30 seconds:

The Transportation Plan is a wish list compiled from public hearings, to be funded by a permanent 14% sales tax increase, to be spent by Hillsborough County officials, based on future recommendations from paid consultants. 

Tampa light rail boosters like to say they have been planning it for 20 years. Commissioner Hagan who led the task force for three costly years doesn’t even support his own plan, yet last week the BOCC voted to put funding for the transit plan on the November ballot to “let the voters decide.” This week HART announced they needed more public input to help decide the actual route light rail might take. 

I agree; let the voters decide. Vote the bums out who have wasted all this time and our money on a light rail “plan” that has yet to show a single definitive line on a map. Is this the same bunch we want to entrust $7 Billion of our tax dollars?

We can do better.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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