Replace Fossil Based Fuel

PetroAlgae’s commercial micro-crop technology system can cost-effectively replace fossil fuel based diesel on a massive scale.

Micro-crops are the world’s only truly scalable, sustainable and carbon-neutral petroleum alternative. Micro-crops produce yields 25x to 100x more productive than macro-crops such as corn, soy and sugar cane that are used to produce ethanol and biodiesel. Micro-crops can be grown on non-arable land, removing competition with the food supply, a significant issue facing macro-crops. Micro-crop fuels are carbon-neutral, consuming nearly double their own weight in CO2. The PetroAlgae system recycles 98 percent of the water used to grow micro-crops, a significant environmental benefit over both macro-crops and petroleum, which requires vast amounts of water in the drilling and extraction process.

Why not Hillsborough?

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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