Pinellas to get on board for rail discussion

One of the classic earmarks of poor planning is starting from the desired outcome instead of starting from the perceived problem.

In the case of Pinellas the desired outcome is a light rail system. A $4 million study-project is about to be turned over to consultants to determine (and justify) the best rail routes. What actual problems are we trying to solve here and what are the most effective alternatives? If a crowded street during certain hours is the problem, mass transit may be the best solution, but is rail, bus or something else the most viable solution? 

At a time when taxpayer/voters are losing their jobs and homes why is local government spending tax dollars to help get people from home to work instead of helping them find jobs, keep their homes and continue to be taxpayers? 

A March 24, 2010 policy analysis by the Cato Institute uses the latest government data to examine 31 U.S. rail transit systems. This short report includes 6 “tests” to evaluate any systems’ value and usefulness to the public. Read the FREE report

This report should be required reading for any public official even considering urban rail.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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