High-wage jobs wanted? Get on the phone!

Watching the BOCC “Green-tech” workshop today I wondered what all the county commissioners’ true motivations are in doggedly trying to push this Green Tech round-peg into that I-4 rural square-hole. 

It can’t be to speed high-wage employment.
County staff tells them it will take years.

 It can’t be to attract new enterprise.
County staff tells them Full Cost Recovery makes it uncompetitive. 

It can’t be to leverage incentives.
County staff tells them the county can’t afford new urban services there. 

It can’t be to create a “permit-ready” cluster-site.
Ruskin has an approved 380 acre site in the Urban Services Area along I-75 with the first 90,000 sq. ft. already under roof. 

So then, what is driving this I-4 Rural Expansion Area?

  • Ego?
  • Envy?
  • Pressure?
  • Bad advice?
  • Contributions?

 Could it be that no one actually knows how to pick up a phone and call the Fortune 1,000 companies?

Maybe someone from The County could call and keep calling each one of them until they come down for a location tour.

The County staff does location tours, yes?

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “High-wage jobs wanted? Get on the phone!”

  1. I see you saw the same thing I did. Thank you for paying attention and seeing beyond the veil. You are right on!!

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