Tampa Choo-Choo: pay now, details later

County planners and the special-interest Moving Hillsborough Forward are now saying that voters won’t be given any details as to where the proposed Tampa Choo-Choo will go or where it will stop until AFTER we vote to tax ourselves $180 MILLION each year from now on until forever. 

Their argument: “A train is a train, is a train, is a train: we just want a train.” We shouldn’t worry about details such as routes or cost they tell us. “Give us your money” they say and then WE will tell YOU how we are going to spend it.

Does anyone even buy a $6 theater ticket without first knowing which movie you will be shown? 

With so much unknown about this VERY expensive ($6 BILLION) choo-choo for downtown Tampa and the need for jobs now, not 5 years from now, we should put off this tax until 2012. Then maybe more out-of-work residents will be able to ride the train to new jobs and we will be better able to pay for it. 

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


2 Responses to “Tampa Choo-Choo: pay now, details later”

  1. County Resident Says:

    Today’s headline in the St. Peterburg Times sharpens your point of view. “When Hillsborough voters head to the polls in November to consider a 1 cent sales tax for light rail, they won’t know exactly where the rail line could go.”

    The county’s transit board isn’t scheduled to make a final decision on the tracks until after the election.

    You are correct in your assumptions, gee just think we will have a subsidized ride to Micky Mouse World but when you get to the end of the ride it will cost $88 for an adult and $78 per child. Not counting food. In this market who can afford this?

  2. I have been after the Baord and the Rail worshippers on this for alomst two years. I think the real reason they won’t let us know that the routes are until after the election is because the ridership numbers are going to be embarrassingly low…even with inflated demand data.

    Just vote against the damn thing…what a horrible distraction from the real issues

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