We are behind because of how The County spends our money

A study out today puts the combined eight “Tampa Bay” area counties behind five southern cities, (which is like comparing apples to oranges). One reason cited is transportation. We came in behind Jacksonville which doesn’t have light-rail but does have a good bus system. We came in ahead of Atlanta which has long had light-rail. Go figure. 

Now, what to do? Instead of taxing ourselves another $6 BILLION to mostly pay for a Tampa Choo-Choo we could use the last half-penny sales tax increase we voted on ourselves in 1996: the Community Investment Tax (CIT) . We are still paying that. So far, less than one percent of the CIT has been spent on improving bus service in Hillsborough County. We could already have the bus service we need if the CIT was being used wisely. We still can, without increasing our sales tax ANOTHER full-penny. 

Using the CIT immediately, we could hire more bus drivers, supervisors and maintenance workers with higher wages. Using the CIT we could help people county-wide get to work and home. It is not that we have to raise taxes again for expensive rail transportation; we just have to spend the money we already voted to spend on  less costly bus transportation.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “We are behind because of how The County spends our money”

  1. I’m probably going to do a post on the same thing tomorrow and smash the notion that anyone hear in Hillsborough is going to get work from the transit tax if it passes…MENDACITY!!!
    Why should we care what the Tampa Bay Partnership says anyway and why did it take them two years to smell how bad the local economy stinks?

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