Where is a list of available commercial property?

It is beyond belief that The County does not make available online, or by any other means, information about existing approved commercial/industrial properties. How can the BOCC even make intelligent decisions about future land use if they don’t even know the full picture of present land use? What happens to someone who calls The County asking about property they might consider for relocating or expanding? “Sorry, call someone else.” 

The push to open the rural I-4 corridor to development is foolish on its face; even more foolish if the total of already-approved properties within the urban area is unknown. How many BOCC land use hearings have we witnessed that County staff cannot or will not provide such information to the Commissioners?  

There are many private entities with websites who would be happy to be able to direct potential clients to such information. There should also be a way to extract subsets of the entire list for those who only want to focus on one or two areas of the county.  The South Hillsborough Economic Development (SHED) Council has a page devoted to available property, why not The County website?

Data is useful only when it can be accessed and used. Hillsborough taxpayers own the data produced by The County, we should be able to use it.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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