Tampa Choo-Choo needs more research

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 In a recent article in the Tampa Bay Business Journal: AAA transit poll veers slightly  , Moving Hillsborough Forward Chairman Gary Sasso  points to a couple of studies of anti-transit “myths”, one of them from Victoria Transport Policy Institute.

In one of their reports, Transportation Cost and Benefit Analysis, Techniques, Estimates and Implications, Second Edition (2009) this transit research institute says:

  • More research is needed to better estimate transportation costs under various conditions and locations.

  • Transport equity and diversity appear to be significant values which deserve more research.

  • Decision-makes need better information on consumer demands, such as the value people place on improved travel convenience and comfort.

  • Research is also needed to evaluate the synergistic effects of combined planning decisions.

Hillsborough County taxpayers are facing a vote on a $200 million/year sales tax increase. Shouldn’t we wait for better information before we vote to fund Mr. Commissioner Hagan’s Choo-Choo for Tampa?

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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