San Antonio learns from the master master planner

Take a look at the San Antonio Texas SmartWay SA transit website:

“SmartWaySA is VIA’s exciting community-driven study to develop a Long Range Comprehensive Transportation Plan for Bexar County to year 2035. Through SmartWaySA high capacity transit corridors will be identified and prioritized, and a range of transit alternatives will be recommended for the corridors, along with any supporting facilities, all ADA accessible. Many high capacity transit alternatives will be considered for our region, including bus rapid transit, electric rail streetcar, light rail, commuter rail, HOV lanes and others.”

“The goals of the Long Range Plan are to provide sustainable mobility within the Bexar County region, encourage economic development along the corridors and the downtown area, and attract new riders to a more convenient and innovative public transportation system.”

In other words, the county and the local transit authority are going to fund a study on possible transit corridors and transit alternatives to come up with a 2035  plan and call it Economic Development.

Any bets that this plan goes on the ballot  BEFORE the voters have all the details worked out? Can this be a coincidence or is there a consultant “game book” out there somewhere that they all take from city to city? 

 Mr. Commissioner Hagan, was this your plan first, or did you just go along for the ride?

These consultants, engineers and planners will not stop until every tax dollar is in their pockets as they leave town to go on to next wide-eyed community.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “San Antonio learns from the master master planner”

  1. These plans are nothing more than fads. It’s the same in many planning avenues. If our leadership really wanted to see how multi-modal transportation can and should be done while maintain the choice of lifestyles they should take a trip to Europe. They are way ahead of USA and they have made a concerted effort NOT to build high density corridors and/or eat up every inch of rural land.

    The problem is our leaders aren’t in it for the good of all and respecting the choice of lifestyles. It’s about paving over every inch of land we have to pad the pockets of their attorney friends and developer buddies.

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