Amendment 4

I agree that Amendment 4 is no way to control growth, unless there are no alternatives. Our only alternative now is a dysfunctional County Commission who’s members are perfectly willing to change the Comprehensive Land Use Plan in the favor of deep-pocket developers who coincidently may also be deep-pocket political campaign contributors. 

The Comp Plan was to function to keep new development within the Urban Services Area and not to allow sprawl.

 The Comp Plan already has enough land use zoning to meet County building needs for the next 25 years.

For everyone who is serious about voting no on Amendment 4, also vote no on any career party-politician running for County Commission.

If we had County Commissioners who were working for the people instead of working to get re-elected,
we wouldn’t need Amendment 4.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


2 Responses to “Amendment 4”

  1. marcella o'steen Says:

    amendment 4 works for me! the small band of politicians we elect to make these decisions are not working out very well so far, are they?
    i trust the people more than them…and the people will be the ones making the decision whether or not to CHANGE the comprehenive plan. so far, the comprehensive plan is not living up to its name…it’s not very comprehensive if THEY, like clockwork, change it multiple times every year. whassupwitdat?

    VOTE YES ON 4~~!!

  2. The graphic is perfect!!!

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