Crazy Quilt Hillsborough County

Crazy Quilt:
“A patchwork of pieces of various shapes, colors, and sizes, sewn together in an irregular pattern.”

At least Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio has floated a number of city visions including “I am Tampa.”  
Tampa columnist Steve Otto is credited with coining
“the Big Guava.”

“Cigar City” probably came the closest to an identity, until all the largest cigar factories closed down, and the city has done little to preserve these factories.

As for Hillsborough County, there is no vision of where it has been or where it is going.

Maybe “Crazy Quilt” best describes one vision of our county being just one square in the Florida High-Tech  Corridor.

Hillsborough County is also made up of very different city swatches:
the wanna-be urban center – Tampa,
the strawberry center – Plant City and
the who-knows-what center – Temple Terrace.

Hillsborough is also made up of various patches of unincorporated communities from Keystone to Ruskin.

But this Crazy Quilt of a county needs a common thread or two that might help bring it all together.

Not an advertising gimmick-idea like Florida’s “Sunshine State” but rather a County Commission that can articulate and inspire a working together of the various populations of Hillsborough County.

I have this crazy idea that if we all just put aside our petty differences and greedy aspirations, Hillsborough might be simply become known as
“a great place to go to school; get medical treatment; to live, work and play”.

We just need the kind of civic leadership to help bring it all together that we don’t have now in county government.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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