Norman running out of nine lives

So, there we have it boys and girls; Jim Norman is back on the Ballot to represent us in Tallahassee.
With only two write-in candidates and no “none of the above” vote possible, we can be assured that he will become our next state senator.

Jim Norman has several alternate futures ahead of him:

  1. Norman could resign his place on the ballot in favor of Rob Wallace: The right thing to do.
    This is highly unlikely given the super-ego of Mr. Jim “I’ve-never-done-anything-wrong” Norman.
  2. The appeals judge said in part:
    “Putting to one side the possibility of criminal prosecution for perjury, the Legislature has the constitutional power to judge the qualifications, elections, and returns of its members, and to refuse to seat a member; or to remove a member, notably on recommendation of the Commission on Ethics.”
    This is highly unlikely given the levels of tolerance in the state senate for  other senators being naughty.
  3. The FBI could escort Mr. Norman away in handcuffs.
    This is more likely as the Grand Jury will surely have a strong opinion about the influence this $500,000 Hughes gift may have played in Commissioner Norman’s decision-making abilities when it came to votes that would benefit Hughes’ company.
  4. The IRS might escort Mr. Norman away in handcuffs.
    This is most likely. The IRS will return the Arkansas house to the Hughes estate, which by the way owes the IRS a ton of money. Unpaid tax penalties could wipe out Mr. Norman’s remaining assets. No problem. Norman can expect the same accommodations Al Capone received after his little brush with the IRS. Let’s see if Big Jim does the right thing by taking the full rap for wife Merline so she doesn’t wind up with matching bracelets.


So boys and girls, look forward to some interesting reading in the media for months to come. Look forward to a replacement for Mr. Norman to be named by whatever governor we have after one of the above scenarios plays out.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


4 Responses to “Norman running out of nine lives”

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  2. Shame on the Republican party!!

  3. Marilyn Smith Says:

    If Norman cared about less hazarhya, he would drop out and hope he can escape THE RATH of THE IRS. Well, of course, the IRS has a pretty keen interest in him, since the funding for his “dream house” came from the noteworthy and morally courageous RALPH HUGHES. This must be glory days for IRS. In most circumstances the general public doesn’t really care for the IRS; however, these are not ORDINARY TIMES. NOW, two high profiles politicos are both under the microscope for BIG BACK TAXES AND CONCEALING ASSETS…my my my….Have we got this part right Uncle Ralph. The general public doesn’t feel sympathic for EITHER NORMAN OR HUGHES. Let’s all sleep on this for now.

  4. Good post. I am trying to look toward the future with your positive thoughts!

    I think yesterday was the day Mr. and Mrs. “Ice Cream Flavors” Norman were to testify before the Grand Jury related to Mr. and Mrs. Norman’s case…not the Huges case. So I am sure we will be reading more.

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