Won’t get fooled again

Cheerleader in 2006 costume

Even I won't get fooled again

Does anyone still remember the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? We used to watch them play on TV, until the games were blacked out. We used to watch them in Raymond James Stadium, until we could no longer afford tickets/parking/beer/hotdogs. 

Does anyone still remember the last $4 BILLION sales tax increase we voted on ourselves? It was supposed to pay for good stuff like transportation improvements.

$168.5 million of the tax went instead to the owners of the Bucs to build Raymond James. 

 $40 million went to HART for improved bus service, of which only $1.3 was ever spent: less than one percent of what we paid for football we can no longer enjoy. 


Now, Ken Hagan’s Transportation Task Force is recommending ANOTHER tax increase. Wait for it: to fund transportation improvements.

This time however, the tax increase will start at $180 MILLION every year from now on to forever, perhaps reaching $600 MILLION per year by 2035.

Much of the money will go for a Choo-Choo for downtown Tampa. 

This time, instead of just the Glazer family profiting from the tax increase, Tampa lawyers, consultants, developers and landowners will all profit. What do the taxpayers get? Starting five years from now; new low-wage, part-time, no-benefit  jobs in new Tampa restaurants, shops and hotels. If you live outside of the two proposed light-rail transit corridors, you will still either need to drive or take the bus. 

The taxpayers got snookered with the last sales tax increase. We should not allow ourselves to be snookered again.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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