Time to get back to Plan A

Bogota BRTToday’s Tampa Tribune opinion page carried the view that “On transit, it’s time for plan B.” How about getting back to what was HART’s Plan A in the first place?

Of the $4 BILLION generated by the CIT half-penny tax, fully 99% has been diverted to non-transit projects. Of the $40, MILLION finally allocated to HART, only $1.3 million has been spent, and that on transit planning for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

HART may even be faced with returning the unused money.

How much of the defeated light-rail plan was designed to increase commercial  property values in Tampa instead of moving people from one place to another?

BRT has been very succesful in Bogotá, Columbia, moving over a million riders daily; reducing pollution, traffic congestion and enabling safe commuter bicycling.

BRT is designed to move people quickly, safely and at an affordable cost. Now maybe we can get on with what was HART’s “Plan A” in the first place: BRT.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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