What’s next for transit plan?

The Tampa Tribune’s VIEWS page on Nov. 14, 2010 included a piece by Gary “Special Correspondent” Sasso, who heads up the downtown lobby group Moving Hillsborough Forward. Notably, he says that a majority of voters in the City of Tampa voted to approve for themselves a neighborhood Choo-Choo.

Sasso is grousing that the rest of Hillsborough County didn’t want to pay for it. Oh, some roads and needed improvements to bus service were included, but in light of the County’s handling of these two things, few believed they would, or could handle light-rail also.

Sasso, talks about economic development for Tampa along the proposed rail routes, but says nothing about actually moving people from one place to another. 

The County says that improved public transportation is an urgent issue, yet of the nearly $4.7 BILLION that the last sales tax increase was to have raised, only $1.3 Million has been spent to improve bus service. That is less than one-third of one percent.

By comparison,  $290 million went to build the Raymond James Stadium. Does anyone still remember what it was like to watch the Buchaneers play?

 Also, this half-penny Community Investment Tax (CIT) tax we have been paying since 1997, and will continue to pay through 2027, was to also pay for roads. Much of the road money went to Tampa, yet here they are, asking for twice that to again mostly benefit Tampa. 

Sasso is barking up the wrong money tree.

If he can raise one and a half million dollars to increase county taxes, he should be able to raise enough money to increase Tampa taxes.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “What’s next for transit plan?”

  1. Marilyn Smith Says:

    There were those of us that saw thru the blatant attempt by MAYOR IORIO
    to pick the pocket of UNINCORPORATED HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY with a bogus “jobs builder” farce.

    When anyone had asked me about my opinion on this TRANSPORTATION REFERENDUM….WELL, IF YOU CAN NOT TELL ME THE COST OF A PROJECT, YOU DO NOT GET MY MONEY. This, “we will flesh out the project AFTER the REFERENDUM has passed”…HAHAHA TRUST US!


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