No one is “learning from transit setback”

St. Pete Times Opinion: Learning from transit setback

No one is “learning from transit setback”

ALL of the talk is still about increasing property values in and around downtown Tampa, and not about helping people who really need and actually want to ride public transportation in Hillsborough, let alone in the five-county region. They call it Transit Oriented Development (TOD),
I call it TAMPA Oriented Development.

The last half-penny Hillsborough sales tax increase resulted in NO additional buses put on the roadways to serve the riding public. Over $15 million from various taxing sources however WAS spent on studies and planning for a Tampa Choo-Choo that went nowhere.

Oh, we did also spend nearly $300 million for a home for the Bucs to play; at which few can afford to attend, and no one in the region can watch on TV.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “No one is “learning from transit setback””

  1. What part of NO do they not understand?

    It’s as if the solid NO vote by the people is just an inconveeeenient bump in their road (or track). And they are on to Plan B…..

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