Jim Norman vs. the Salvation Army

"'A man may be down but he's never out!' ...

Jim Norman. Down but not out. Not yet.

Ya gotta love Forbes Magazine (sometimes) when they publish who makes how much in various industries.

The December 6, 2010 issue of Forbes lists the compensation of executives of the ten biggest charities. So, how much does a top person make?

 According to Forbes, 7th-ranked American Cancer Society paid top man John Seffrin $1.3 million.

By comparison, 2nd-ranked Salvation Army paid National Commander Israel L. Gaither a measly $135,000.

So, how much does a so-called full-time “consultant/trouble-shooter” for a little Salvation Army branch office located in backwater Tampa make? Would you believe a whopping $95,000?

Former Hillsborough County Commissioner Jim Norman was receiving this salary (along with the use of an automobile) up until he “retired” this year amid an ethics scandal involving a half-million dollar gift his wife received from Norman’s friend, mentor and political activist Ralph Hughes.

The amount of the “retirement” paid to Norman is a “personal” matter according to both Norman and the Salvation Army. Too bad so little is publically known about the finances of the Salvation Army and Jim Norman.



3 Responses to “Jim Norman vs. the Salvation Army”

  1. The Salvation army is full of it and so is Forbes!

  2. Jim Norman is or has “bought” the car he’s been driving. I wonder just how much he paid for the car??? $1.00, 5.00 or maybe he just paid them with his own Norman buckaroo.

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