Fox in the hen house?


I have an idea. Let’s just fill every public watch commission with members of the industry they are charged with watching, then we won’t need any of those messy public meetings where the people get to speak their minds on subjects of concern.

When you have the  City-County Planning Commission composed of a super majority, or entirely composed of people who stand to gain from uncontrolled growth in Hillsborough County, what’s the point of  the public taking the time and trouble of appearing at “public” hearings when the outcome is a foregone conclusion?

Thankfully, people will continue to care and will continue to speak up. Thankfully we have people like Mariella Smith and Terry Flott and other men and women who still care enough to speak up for the rest of us.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “Fox in the hen house?”

  1. And thanks, Commissioner Higginbotham, for having land use attorney Vin Marchetti vet Planning Commission applicants — to assure that they are properly developer friendly.

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