What if ….

smoke and mirrorsWhat if Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners Chairman Higginbotham’s recent about-face support of light-rail for downtown Tampa has more to do with getting re-elected than about getting people from one place to another?

What if county “Economic Development”, “Transit Oriented Development”, “Rail Initiatives” , “Regional Transportation”, “New Business Development”, “Tampa Ballpark” and “Job Creation” were instead just about personal wealth opportunities for local landowners, developers, lawyers and investors?

What if this was all about taxpayers paying to tear down housing in low and moderate income neighborhoods so that developers can come in and build “affordable housing” with mortgages from banks and other lending institutions that are guaranteed by federal government-backed “Ginnie Mae” mortgage-backed securities, bought by County tax-exempt bond issues which are then bundled into publicly traded securities for the benefit of private investors?

What if no one but a few knowledgable insiders understand this?

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


2 Responses to “What if ….”

  1. well, fred….i had to put my thinking cap on tight to follow the ‘what ifs” to the end..and then had to reread it…and all i can say is…no wonder they could get away with this crap — it’s too convoluted and devious for the average jane/joe to have on our radars at all. Good that YOU do and that you make the effort to connect the dots for ‘us.”

    thanks, (i think)

  2. Marilyn Smith Says:

    OOPS, do we suppose those aforementioned PERSONAL WEALTH INVESTORS
    are driving the decisions for this county? That is not new…this has been going on for many years. And, what is worse the EX-mayor who really believes in enhancing his friends wealth will be right in the middle of this philosophy. Just so everyone knows what I am referring with EX-mayor…the land deals for the MARRIOTT AT CHANNELSIDE AND THE TAMPA HISTORY MUSEUM.

    There is not a carpet large enough to sweep what these political self-serving greedy people have done to the PEOPLE OF TAMPA AND ALL CITIZENS OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY.


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