Butt Four

Who will become the BOCC “Butt Four”?

It will take four votes on the BOCC to approve tax exemptions to qualifying businesses coming into Hillsborough County which would not have done so “but for” being given a County tax exemption.

It looks like a certain Commissioner will be delivering on a campaign promise to give some large tax break to Bass Pro Shops.

Never mind that they do not qualify as a “targeted industry”; they qualify for the tortured  exemption allowance as a “destination retail” business. Apparently someone will still have to demonstrate that shoppers will come from more than 50 miles away and stay overnight.

Never mind that the Bass Pro Shops in Orlando is only about 75 miles from downtown Tampa. Maybe we all could take the high-speed train?

It will be interesting to hear how anyone argues that Bass Pro Shops would not have located here “but for” the tax exemptions.

Why would taxpayers want to subsidize another low-wage, no-benefits, part-time employer who also might put existing sporting goods businesses out of business and employees out of work?

Still, all it takes is a Butt Four BOCC vote to gift the exemption to Bass Pro Shops.

Any speculation as to who those four might be?

My bet is that the number will not exceed one on this vote.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “Butt Four”

  1. Marilyn Smith Says:

    Can’t wait for PRO BASS to opt out on moving here. 75 miles to come to a less affluent area versus ORLANDO.

    PRO BASS would be looking to get the implementation requirements loosened to give them an advantage. BE AWARE OF HOW HAGAN TRIED TO GET CONE RANCH AWAY FROM THE PUBLIC CONTROL. Hagan is not an
    honorable person in PRIVATE OR PUBLIC LIFE…..

    Keep a close eye on how the ORDINANCE IS PUT TOGETHER.

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