No Sunshine for this Ballpark

My bet is that any new ballpark for the Rays won’t have a retractable roof. All the better to keep out the Sunshine, like the closed-to-the-public meetings the Tampa Chamber plans to have to discuss possible financing plans.

One can only hope that the Tampa businesses who have the most to gain from a new ballpark in their backyards will step up to pay for it.

Oops, there’s that thing about considering how to get more than one county to fund it.

One can also hope that since the meetings will be out of the Sunshine, that no county money, resources or elected officials will be participating.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “No Sunshine for this Ballpark”

  1. Marilyn Smith Says:

    WEll, to guarantee we get the latest plans and actions the best thing to do is the following: tape ALL phones that HAGAN uses, monitor all his emails, home and office; then, of course the guy doing the tailing has to work a little harder….the fox is moving to different spots.

    Remember we are dealing with cockroaches with clandestine habits.
    Yep, if we do not want to wear another GREAT IDEA to pick our pockets.

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