MacDill reaches out to local leaders

My first thought when I read today’s St. Pete Times story “MacDill opens up for a select few” was a concern that this was yet one more way for our elected officials to suck up free golf and amenities, all on the taxpayer’s dime.

Upon reflection, I instead applaud the base commander for reaching out to better acquaint the local leadership with the role MacDill plays in the community and how important it is to the economic development of the region.

Recently, a consultant’s report to the Hillsborough Economic Development Department’s Economic Development Task Force entitled “Locational Assessment And Recommended Strategic Plan For Economic Growth” pretty much discounted the role of MacDill (as well as The Port of Tampa, USF, agriculture and the entire south county) as a driver of future economic growth.

Now perhaps, our elected officials will actually rub elbows with not just retired military, but also active duty military decision makers from around the world. As MacDill’s role in supporting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan must surely turn to other missions, Hillsborough needs to take a lead in providing support to whatever MacDill becomes.

Now is the time to develop Federal/County/private partnerships with MacDill so that when the time comes, the Pentagon will choose to expand MacDill rather than consider major reductions or even closure.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “MacDill reaches out to local leaders”

  1. Marilyn Smith Says:

    I would suggest the REAL PERSON to go forward with this challenge is COMMISSIONER VICTOR CRIST. Since THEDC doesn’t seem to understand
    THEDC ONLY UNDERSTANDS..give us $900,000.00 for 2 yrs. and we can produce a totally unrealistic, costly, and non-relevant epistle. And sell it to the BOCC for more money. SHould be easy to rip of the citizens with commissioners like Hagan, Higginbotham will be give anything away to get a buddy in here with a business already sold to those two commissioners.

    Yeah, certainly can’t trust our fate to entities who do not and will not produce a relevant CONSTRUCTIVE PATH FOR REAL GROWTH AND NO DESTRUCTION.

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