Tampa traffic congestion: a shot in the foot

Report: Tampa-St. Pete among worst in traffic delays ?

Interestingly enough the 2010 Urban Mobility Report by the Texas Transportation Institute puts Tampa-St. Pete congestion at #25 in yearly delay by auto, while the worst 15 cities all have light-rail systems and still ranked Tampa-St. Pete slightly better than average for the 439 urban areas studied and way down at #89 on Congestion Trends – Wasted Time 1982 to 2009.

The 2011 report puts Tampa at #28.

traffic TampaI agree with HART chief executive David Armijo that investment in public transportation is necessary to reduce area traffic congestion. I question however if the same concern is held by the keepers of the purse strings on the half-cent sales tax increase (CIT) we have been paying into since 1997.

(Oh, but we did get a nice new home for the Bucs out of it though.)

As nearly as I can determine, not one single dollar has come out of the CIT to actually put even one new bus on the road; yet 100 new buses received from grants sit idle in HART parking lots.

How much are we STILL spending on resuscitating the failed Tampa Choo-Choo initiative?

$40 MILLION CIT money is earmarked for yet more studies and future transit planning, but none for today’s transit needs.

We can’t wait for three and five-year plans to tell us what we should be doing today.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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