Amtrak still off-track

With the skyline of downtown Tampa as a backdr...

Once-a-day train from Tampa

The prospects are grim for the “high-speed” rail line to Orlando to be anything more than yet one more taxpayer sinkhole.

The Tampa “train” to Orlando is really a plain ol’ bus (POB), that drops you off miles from either Disney or the airport.

For the same price you can get advance-purchase tickets (with reserved leather seats) to ride the first-class RedCoach bus ( right to the airport. RedCoach has plans to soon make stops at Disney.

As for taking the train one-way to Miami, you  can get a round-trip ticket for about the same price on VIP RedCoach for a much more luxurious ride.

Today’s Tampa Tribune article by Ted Jackovics quotes taxpayer subsidies to Amtrak of $0.27 per passenger, per mile!

Will the planned “Florida Bullet Train” do any better? Not without many more riders willing to pay a whole lot more.


<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


2 Responses to “Amtrak still off-track”


    Took AMTRAK to Miami some time ago, twice, and both times the train was 4 to 5 hours late in arriving at Tampa Union Station for boarding. If you actually get to Miami-Hialeah station, it takes around 6 hours due to track problems. And then you have to take a city bus to the Miami Intl. Airport to rent a car, otherwise, you are just plain stuck in no-man’s-land in Hialeah. Its not funny. High-Speed Rail from Orlando to Tampa is a real bad joke. It will go at best 55 mph or a little faster.

  2. Marilyn Smith Says:

    Hey, I agree with the summation of the TRAIN vs RED LUXURY COACH.
    There is another advantage, if you book and buy 21 days prior there are additional fare savings, plus children discounts, senior discounts…..

    By the way, I just booked for the HAPPY REUNION WITH MY NIECES IN MIAMI.
    I am so looking forward to avoiding the last horrible experience on the trip to MIAMI, by air. Late and delayed and the really poor treatment afforded by the TSA FOLKS AT TIA. There really has to be a better way to select personnel to frisk people and ask questions and then take away your water, even if there are medical reasons to have certain products with you on your trip. Ignorance is dangerous….there are dangerous personalities carry-out seach and quiz on little ladies over 60 yrs.

    On future when traveling within and Florida and even to Atlanta, it will be the RED COACH FOR ME…

    THERE IS NO “SPEED TRAIN” ( speed which is not correct application) IN MY FUTURE….

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