Crybaby Blair at it again

Brian BlairEx-Commissioner Brian Blair allegedly issued a press release today saying that he was allegedly tired of getting beat up by ethics watchdog George Neiman who had allegedly filed an ethics complaint against Blair in 2008.

It seems that the Blair campaign allegedly took in more than the $500 contribution limit from several alleged supporters.

Blaire allegedly whined that as a candidate running to allegedly oversee billions of dollars of Hillsborough County taxpayer money, he was allegedly too busy to watch his own alleged campaign money.

Oddly, the alleged press release allegedly lays the blame on  (now Tampa mayoral candidate) Joe Chillura when he was allegedly Campaign Treasurer for Blair.

An allegedly perplexed Chillura in turn allegedly laid the blame off on an alleged software glitch which apparently could also not add anything higher than to $500.

Well at least the Blair campaign promptly refunded the money as soon as they allegedly realized it, as soon as Neiman pointed it out to them. Neiman apparently has more time, better software and perhaps also, better sense of ethics.

In this press release, Neiman is allegedly portrayed as the evil doer for demanding that breaches in campaign laws be brought to the public’s attention and the true evil doers are brought to justice.

I allegedly sez: Evil is as evil does.

More alleged Blair related lawsuits and alleged brushes with the law:
Ex-commissioner Blair files lawsuit against Beckner, alleging defamation

Brian Blair campaign says they want to sue blogger Peter Schorsch for “defamatory ” blog post

The Hillsborough official says a fall at Carrabba’s ended his wrestling career.

Blair released from jail on child abuse charges

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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