Tampa Choo-Choo training wheels proposed

Training wheels for Tampa Choo-ChooThe out-of-town consultants and HART are back at it again, spending scarce county taxpayer money on yet more studies on how to shove the Tampa Choo-Choo down everyone’s throats.

This time, the suggestion is that a starter line, inartfully dubbed a “demonstration” line, would persuade the children of Tampa and the taxpayers of the rest of Hillsborough County that downtown Tampa should have light-rail.

If this is such a good idea for Tampa’s economic development, why isn’t it being built with private dollars with the expectation of great returns on investment? Why always tag taxpayers with the bill?

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “Tampa Choo-Choo training wheels proposed”

  1. Marilyn Smith Says:

    Oh, we all know the bad investment are dangled out in the breeze for the money to come from the STAKE HOLDERS…..THESE STAKE HOLDERS ARE
    THE TAXPAYERS. The private folks will not risk their funding or assets.

    Moving forward Hillsborough should corral all its PRIVATE CONTRIBUTORS AND BUILD THE IDEAS IT FOSTERS…..then wait for the people to hop on board and ride THE SUCCESSFUL VENTURE BY PRIVATE INDUSTRY, we will be waitin’ at the station for the CHATTANOOOOOGA CHOO-CHOO… ALL ABOARD

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