Setting the County Agenda

Phone from the trenchesInteresting SP Times article today about the Florida Chamber of Commerce praising Gov. Scott for making prospecting phone calls from his office “seven days a week,” urging out-of-state companies and site selection firms to consider Florida.

What are our County elected officials doing along the same lines for Hillsborough, especially for the unincorporated areas of the county?


If you all are already doing this, you need to toot your own horns. Let us know WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW.

If you all are not already doing something like this, shame on you.

You cannot abdicate this responsibility to anyone else, even to the Greater Tampa (not Hillsborough County) Chamber of Commerce or to the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation, although they can help.

Oddly, the Florida Chamber of Commerce seems to be content with working on a “five- to 10-year game plan,” feeling that nothing could be expected to reduce unemployment below 11% by year-end.

I believe Hillsborough can do better and sooner. We have to.

The jobless cannot wait for any more long-term solutions for immediate-term problems.

Tampa, Temple Terrace and Plant City all have budgets and staff to promote themselves. The rest of us depend on you.

Business Incubator

If we really can’t attract new out-of-town businesses, we need to focus on growing our own.

All of Hillsborough County has only one business incubator: USF Tampa Bay Technology Incubator. Think of what we could do with several more.

This kind of program is ripe for public private partnerships that would help local entrepreneurs become local employers.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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