Wakie Wakie

Wakie wakieThere is an interesting article in the February 26, 2011 Tampa Tribune by Michael Sasso describing how the Mayor and the candidates for Mayor have suddenly discovered the importance of actually doing something about “economic development”. Since 2006, Hillsborough unemployment has skyrocket while home values have tanked.

Why is it just now that we are hearing about how the area needs to be marketed to bring new jobs here?

running into a brick wallTwo years into the recession, County Commissioner Ken Hagan formed an Economic Development Task force which has so far only managed to have a consultant’s report produced recommending yet more planning for economic development focused on attracting new business, overlooking many of the strengths already existing in the area which could be helped to grow.

Both the Tampa Mayor and the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners have abdicated their responsibilities to grow the economy in favor of paying consultants, with varying degrees of success. The City of Tampa and the County of Hillsborough are big contributors to the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation.

A recent report from THEDC takes credit for just about every new job created in Tampa. Significantly, little if any “economic development” was apparently accomplished by the city or county ED departments, or for the benefit of the vast hinterlands of unincorporated Hillsborough County.

A spokesman for the Brookings Institution is quoted as saying that the future will be “less about stealing companies from other states and more about developing the right industries from within.”

pull p by bootstrapsIf we took the $100 million that Jackson Labs is asking as a bribe to locate here and instead funded 10 business incubators throughout the county for the next 10 years we could encourage our bright entrepreneurs to start and grow new businesses and go on to become successful employers.

As a result we could wind up with ten times the number of people thus employed.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


4 Responses to “Wakie Wakie”

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  2. mouse smith Says:


    THEDC and the cronies are the same crooked folks, just went over to Georgia, changed their name and dresses, scrubbed really hard to say, “we are not the committee of 100” and we are not to think any influences still linger, crossed back into TAMPA and pronounces WE ARE THE VIRGINS AND WANT MONEY TO SHOW YOU OUR WONDEROUS EFFORTS……..LOL

  3. “They” still don’t understand or want to acknowledge the difference between residential development and economic development.

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