Get off Crist’s back

increase Hillsborough County productivityThe Tampa Tribune needs to get off Hillsborough County Commissioner Crist’s back for spending relative small sums on making work spaces more productive. Most of the money was spent simply reconfiguring the furniture.

It is the under-paid staffs of the commissioners who toil all day in cramped offices who do much of The People’s business in helping resolve public issues. Crist’s support of his staff should be commended.

Also, refurbishing an unused office to provide space for FREE interns to work FOR the county seems like a no-brainer.

Look to all the millions of dollars spent over the last 4 years by the County Commission on high-paid consultants and look to the meager results. I for one applaud Commissioner Crist for doing something about County productivity. I expect results worth many times the investment.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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