“I may have made a politically foolish decision.”

Tar and feathers for James GrantSo says freshman Florida state representative James Grant, R-Tampa who was stripped of  his deputy majority whip position by state Republican party leaders.

Grant’s offense? A day earlier he had voted to retain state funding for cancer research, against the party line. In other words, Grant did not “support the team position.”

So there we have it boys and girls. The Party of Lincoln, at least in Florida, does not respect a fellow Republican voting his own mind,  his own heart and his own district. The Republican party seems to only want automatons who they can get elected with the help of lobbyist’s money to do as they are told .

This was probably the harshest that state Republicans could do to Grant, as tar and feathers are pretty much discouraged in the House.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to ““I may have made a politically foolish decision.””

  1. marcella Says:

    they make me sick!

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