Letters. Immigration – Legal Channels

One of the sketches by Jacques le Moyne showin...

Timucua Village

There have been letters recently to the St. Pete Times about  the contributions of immigrants, both legal and illegal to the culture of America.

I am a Florida Master Naturalist. I teach a program at Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center in Ruskin about how the native Florida population lived in harmony with the natural environment before they discovered Europeans upon their shores. From my perspective, both miss the impact of illegal immigration to America in shaping our culture.

Ask the few surviving Powhatan Indians who’s ancestors were living in the area around the Jamestown settlement about the thousands upon thousands of European immigrants who disrespected their culture, stole their farms, cut down their trees and cut down the resisting Indians themselves, if they were invited to come there. How did it change their culture?

It is too late to ask Florida’s Timucua, Calusa, and Tampa Bay’s Uzita, Mocoso, and Tocobaga tribes if European immigration was legal. Alas, they can no longer speak for themselves. Their cultures were completely wiped out by illegal immigration.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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