The Sterling Council Education Summit

high school diplomaA summit for the future?! 

The Sterling Council’s vision is

to make Florida “a state of excellence” by equipping BUSINESSES with the “tools” and guidance they need to reduce costs, increase productivity AND PROFITS, and achieve higher employee and customer satisfaction.

That TOOL for businesses? An “educated workforce”. 

Have our children now become just another tool of business?

How about instead we first start with a vision that EVERY child who enters the public K-12 school system leaves with a diploma and the abilities to Read, ‘Rite and do ‘Rithmetic”?

With the hundreds of billions of dollars spent each year (for the last 200 years) by hundreds of thousands of advance-degree educators, you would think that someone could have finally figured out how to guarantee to ALL of our children a basic education, while also exposing them to at least a smattering of civics, ethics, language, the arts, critical thinking and the value of life-long learning.


<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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