Tampa Bay, the entrepreneur’s workshop

Santa stockingHow many millions have we collectively spent over the past 5 years on high-powered consultants to tell us that we in the Tampa Bay region are not good enough, smart enough,  or dedicated enough to put our own citizens back to work?

So far, for all our investments in time and money, all we have to show for it are cookie-cutter ”plans” that are as naively optimistic as letters to Santa Clause.

Sure, spend some resources on getting that large high-tech company to relocate here; but invest a whole lot more now in growing local small and start-up business entrepreneurs.

  1. Expand the County Small Business Information Center.
  2. Small Business Development Center at USF
  3. Expand the USF Tampa Bay Technology Incubator program.
  4. Open community business incubators of all kinds throughout the region.
  5. Set up a public-private partnership program to loan and/or invest in entrepreneurs.

Where are our priorities? If we can find the money to build “community” centers and skateboard parks we don’t REALLY need, we can find the money to grow our own recovery.

Instead of investing in milk and cookies to get back only coal in our stockings, perhaps instead we should get busy in Santa’s workshop and build our own toys.

“Tampa Bay, the entrepreneur’s  workshop.”

Now there is a vision we can sell to the rest of the nation.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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