Survival of the fittest?

Tea Party Protest, Washington D.C. September 1...

Take back America from the Tea Party and from Corporate America

Why is it that the most financially fit in this country espouse “survival of the fittest”?

These are the people making over $250,000 per year who will not need Medicare or Social Security, and who want these social safety nets “privatized”.

They invest their money for their retirement and can afford first-rate medical insurance and can fund and can invest in comfortable retirements.

They want everyone else to also invest their own money to buy their own medical insurance and retirement accounts.

Soon, add to that the privatization of education.

What about the least financially “fit”?

What about those in this country, who through no fault of their own, cannot afford the medical insurance they need, or can afford to save enough for retirement?

For a family to be told that privation will give them the freedom to buy health insurance and retirement accounts, means little if the heads of those families are unemployed.

Too many of those lost jobs either went overseas or were cut in order to make companies more profitable.

The so-called grassroots Tea Party movement wants to return America back to the intent of its Christian founding fathers for the federal government to only do those things that the states cannot or will not do for its citizens, such as national defense and promoting the general welfare.

The Tea Party seems to forget that whereas private enterprise has not voluntarily stepped up provide needed safety nets, We The People stepped up and voted to tax ourselves so that no one in America would go hungry, or go without medical care.

This is what America has always been about: the citizens who are able, take care of those citizens who are not able to take care of themselves.

Who does the Tea Party speak for when it promotes the privatization of America? Who benefits?
Corporate America: the owners, senior managers and stockholders.

  1. Insurance companies
    When everyone has to go to some for-profit insurance company, the premiums paid also pay that insurance company salaries, bonuses, and profits.
    The current state of our economy makes corporate cost-cutting the first method used to boost profits.
    Cost-cutting for insurance companies means denying claims and/or denying affordable coverage. It also means not selling to the most in need of insurance.
    Once public medical insurance is replace and controlled by privatized insurance, the nature of the  free-market system could mean higher costs to the end users, not lower costs.
    The Tea Party cry for less intrusive government will mean less oversight of the insurance industry.
    Medicare has certain costs associated with administering the program, but it does not include profits or bonuses.
  2. Investment companies
    These companies make their money by charging you fees.
    The more fees these companies can charge you for investing your money the more profits they make and the higher salaries and bonuses can be paid to executives and profits to stockholders.
    The Tea Party cry for less government intrusion means that there will be less oversight in how your money will be invested.
    Social Security funds are invested in America and paid out through a very efficient government program, without paying executive bonuses and profits.
  3. Corporate America
    Corporation managers and stockholders make money not just selling goods and services, they make money when investors buy their stock and that stock increases in value and pays out profits.
    Executive salaries and bonuses are paid out of corporate profits. Corporate executives typically own stock in their companies so are only concerned about increases to same.
    Investment funds typically invest in corporate stock. The more stock that is bought, the higher the value of that stock and the higher the profits. If the money paid into Social Security were instead invested in privatized investments, the more corporate stocks and bonds would be sold.
    The Tea Party cry for less government intrusion will mean that corporations will have increasingly more control over the lives of Americans.
    Would Social Security recipients have been better off if instead they had all their retirement in some 401K program? Ask those who have relied on 401K programs for retirement.
  4. Charter schools
    These are for-profit schools set up to compete with free public schools. Each new charter school that opens, takes away money from public schools.
    It is a vicious cycle that will ultimately result in further eroding public schools.
    The Tea Party cry for less government intrusion means that charter schools will not be held to the same standards as public schools.
    Like any for-profit enterprise, profits paid to stockholders and bonuses paid to executives do nothing to increase the quality of education.
    Money that goes into public K-12 education does not go to pay profits to owners or large bonuses to executives.

Who is most likely supporting the Tea Party movement?

  • If you are a major corporate stockholder, CEO or executive, especially in insurance,  investment companies or have your children in private schools, the Tea Party speaks for you.


  • If you make less than $250,000; have lost your job; find yourself bringing home less salary with reduced or no benefits; can’t get affordable health insurance, or need Social Security to live on, or have your children in neighborhood public schools, the Tea Party DOES NOT SPEAK FOR YOU.

Don’t be fooled. Speak up for yourselves,
not Corporate America.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “Survival of the fittest?”

  1. mouse smith Says:

    Well, when the T-PARTY first started with the OKAY BUT FOR ME ONLY THEME, I laughed and said to myself and then to others…..THE CAMP FOLLOWERS ARE FOLLOWING A VERY HATEFUL THEME.


    The country is now more than ever in the HANDS OF THE CORPORATE FEW.

    Dictators are RIGHT NOW wearing very expensive suits and driving very expensive cars and could care less about children without medical help, gasoline at very high prices, and all those trappings while waving THE AMERICAN FLAG AND DECLARING ALL OTHERS UNPATRIOTIC.

    Those supposed saviors PALIN, BACHMAN, etc…JUST BIG MOUTH FOLKS LOOKING TO MAKE MONEY WITH THE MEDIA…and at the moment throwing popcorn around to create confusion for those camp followers who want to be lead by the nose…..REMEMBER HITLER????

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