Class-war? What Class-war?

In the United States today there is no class-war going on; unless you identify one class as the “Unemployed” and the other as the “Job Creators.”

These Job Creators, as expressed by Republicans and Tea Party movement advocates, want less governmental oversight and control. This will be done through reducing taxes that feed government, and abolition of laws which restrict corporations.

The desired end result wished for by the Job Creators is a United States governed not by the people, but rather by corporations: The United States Incorporated.

Job Creators, we are told, promise to return our jobs to us only after they are in control of government. Why are we buying into that covenant?
They would have us believe that government is evil, yet it is We the People who ARE the government, not corporations.
The Job Creators, who are the most financially fit in the nation, tell us to embrace “survival of the fittest”.

The American people are being manipulated by fear and the hope for a better tomorrow:

  1. The American flag is being wrapped around the idea that corporations know what is best for us.
  2. Certain 4th Amendment rights are taken away because of supposed national security needs.
  3. We are repeatedly reminded of our real and imagined enemies: liberals, communists, socialists and terrorists.
  4. Military funding is made more important than health, education and welfare. Military service is glamorized.
  5. Divorce, abortion and homosexuality are being repressed by law.
  6. Certain mass media has become the promoter of corporate America.
  7. We are constantly being warned about national security.
  8. Religious rhetoric and terminology combined with political positions.
  9. Business lobbying of government is characterized as necessary for freedom.
  10. Unions are characterized as bad for business, and therefore bad for America.
  11. Cutting funding for education and the arts is supposedly needed to fund national security.
  12. Increased police power is promoted while civil liberties are marginalized.
  13. We are governed by groups of friends and associates who appoint each other. Taxes are reduced for friendly industries.
  14. Smear campaigns are common against individuals and ideas.

We shouldn’t buy into this.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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