Zombie light-rail: the Choo-Choo of the living dead

MPO director Ramond Chiaramonte seems to be more concerned with fixing the broken electioneering campaign that led to last year’s rail tax thumbs-down.

Instead he should be concentrating on where the existing public transportation needs are.

For example, in much of south Hillsborough it can take nearly four hours on weekdays to travel by bus to the VA Hospital in Tampa…ONE way! Forget weekends, when there is no public transportation out of the area.

HART’s Google Transit Maps trip planner tells me that to get to the VA on Saturday or Sunday, I need to start the trip on Friday.

If we are trying to do light-rail as a stimulus to economic development, has anyone asked if there might be a more cost-effective alternative to accomplish that objective, like cleaning up downtown Tampa?

My advice to Mr. Chiaramonte: fix the transit needs, not the transit voters.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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