In other words

HCA Holdings, Inc. a bigger loser

So sad to hear that HAC Holdings, Inc. owners only made $320 million profits on the suffering of others.


Keep Hillsborough Hip

Two teens temporarily lost their jobs because they asked Derek Jeter’s advice on being humble while being famous; and complementing him on winning a game even though the teen had bet against the team. They were punished for asking questions while being hip.


When you privatize government, it goes into someone’s pocket

Gov. Scott is charging ahead with an agenda to “privatize” government by now selling the state prisons to the highest bidder. This should not surprise, as private enterprise already bought and own him as well as the majority of the legislature.


The sport of kings

Ain’t free enterprise great? Now that Football Incorporated has divided up $9 BILLION of our money between players and team owners, the Bucs are going to let us watch their first PRACTICE game for FREE!

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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