Then we are stupid and we’ll die

then we are stupid and we'll dieThe City/County pays hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to the Tampa-Hillsborough Economic Development Corp (THEDC) to attract and retain jobs in the area.

Their work is all done behind closed doors and their recommendations for corporate incentives are passed to the County Commission and City Council out of the Sunshine.

There is an explicit trust that their recommendations to pay taxpayer money to un-named for-profit corporations is in the taxpayers’ best interest.

The THEDC’s latest recommendation to pay over to PricewaterhouseCoopers $1.2 MILLION of our tax dollars to retain 1,633 existing jobs turned out to be a sham.

PwC is now on record as never having said to THEDC that they actually planned to move out of the area.

Mayor Bob’s position on this is “But if you pull the plug on a deal like this, it sends a message across the country that we are not open for business, and that’s the wrong message.”

With all due respect Mayor Bob, if you don’t pull the plug on this deal it sends the message that instead of “We are open for business” it sends a message like that famous quote from the 1982 movie Blade Runner: “Then we are stupid and we’ll die.”

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “Then we are stupid and we’ll die”

  1. This whole thing is distrubing. To say “if WE pull the plug….” is absurd. It appears as though THEDC, the fine outstanding group they are, falsified the application THEY completed for PWC. Looks to me like THEDC is falsifing the applications to justify their existence even though it’s contrary to what they are supposed to e doing….which is bringing in new companies. All the more reason for their books to be opened and a more transparent process made available.

    Even thoug PWC says they didn’t ask for this nor did they say they were threatening to pull out of the area – so why don’t they just say we don’t want the dollars? They were going to build a new building anyway and they were going to hire 200 new people anyway.

    The executives of PWC get gigantic salaries and even bigger bonuses. They apparently don’t need our subsidy.

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