War profiteering 101

war profiteering

War is not healthy for children and other living things…

…unless you are a government contractor.

If you are a government contractor who fears that peace might break out and thereby reduce your profits, do what so many other business leaders have done. Start a new war (conflict, police action, incursion, peace-keeping mission, whatever).

First, recognize your assets:

  1. You have lots of money
  2. You have friends in government
  3. You have no social conscience

Convince those senators and congressmen for whom you have already helped get elected, and who depend on you to keep getting re-elected, that there is an evil out there from which Americans must be protected.

Pick any “ism” that might resonate with your politicians and their constituencies:


Choose some third-world county that  has a corrupt government and is already “on the take” from our government. Tell your elected representatives that unless that country’s government is helped fight the “ism”, the safety, tranquility (etc. etc. etc.) of America will be threatened.

Beat the drum.

  • Have our country get in small. Get some lightly-armed advisers sent over there to help that country fight its own war.
  • After a few casualties, a few Marines, then some more Marines will be needed to protect the advisers.
  • After a few Marine casualties, then the Army will need to be sent in, followed by the Air Force.
  • Finally, Americans will want to honor the war dead by seeing this through to Victory.

During all this, increasing amounts of war supplies will be needed, along with consultants, private security forces and sub-contractors.

Also be sure to continue to lobby against passage of House Bill HR 400: “To prohibit profiteering and fraud relating to military action, relief, and reconstruction efforts, and for other purposes.” and against any other Bills like it.

In no time at all, America will have a full-blown war going that should last for years, ensuring a steady river of profits for you, your children and the other living things you own.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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