What’s wrong with free-trade?

Nike shoes.

Viet Nam to win trade war?

Our Federal government is working on yet more free-trade agreements to make it more profitable for foreign companies to sell in the United States.

Who’s going to buy these goods after we lose our jobs as a result?

Case in point: Lifting the tariff on Nike shoes made in Viet Nam would put about 1,000 Maine shoe factory workers out of work. How many other U.S. shoe factories are left in the county, employing U.S. workers? Damn few!

The argument is that Asian workers will get more money to buy U.S. goods. Are they serious? At the rate we are going with free-trade, there won’t be anything made in the U.S. for anyone to buy.

How can the we maintain anything close to our standard of living if U.S. workers have to compete with foreign workers in third-world countries making subsistence wages there? We can’t. There are already way too many Americans having to get by on a few dollars a day, or less.

Face it, should Americans have to live in palm huts so that Nike factory workers in Viet Nam don’t?

While we are at it, stop giving away this nation’s grain and corn to the rest of the world. If they want free-trade, we should let the farmers charge enough without government subsidies to maintain American farmers’ standard of living.

We lost the last war in Viet Nam, let’s not lose this one.

Buy American

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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