Who’s sandbagging whom?

John Boehner - Caricature

Don't taze my bill bro.

Associated Press today quotes Republican House Speaker John Boehner as saying that the President hasn’t “put in writing” any job creation plans, while at the same time Boehner claims that Democrats are “sitting on” GOP jobs bills.

First, it is from congress that bills are introduced to become laws.

Second, the so-called “jobs” bills that have been introduced by the GOP House have the purpose of putting more profits into the hands of business owners, regardless of the number or quality of jobs they might create. The incentives are for more profits, not for more jobs.

Third, there are dozens of jobs bills that have been introduce by Democrats in the House that will actually encourage businesses to create jobs and hire Americans.

Go to the non-profit, non-partisan public resource OpenCongress.org and do a search on “jobs” to bring up all the details of bills relating to jobs. Judge for yourself from the text of these bills which are targeting job creation and which are instead targeting corporate profit creation.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


2 Responses to “Who’s sandbagging whom?”

  1. How is it possible for the president’s polls to be so bad when he:

    *brought down bin laden
    *managed us through the turmoil in the middle east
    *contributed to the successful overthrow of Qadafi
    *prevented some of the largest companies in the world from failing
    *prevented a total financial collapse of this country which would have ruined the world

    How is it possible that he gets no credit for this?

    The GOP has done nothing — nothing — but obstruct progress since the president took office. They have spent every minute of the past nearly three years setting the president up to fail. Is this not completely obvious to the average American?

    Given the trainwreck he inherited, he’s doing an amazing job. Yes, I’m frustrated with the economy, but it this is the product of decades of Wall Street ruining the economy. Ronald Reagan ushered Wall Street into Washington and created what amounted to a frat house toga party for decades. Now, the house of cards is crumbling, and it’s Obama’s fault? Really?

    Does anyone read a newspaper? Did anyone take a history or econ class?

    • …and despite this nation’s role in helping Libyans determine their own political future, the present administration gets hammered by the far-right as having “done too little” in Libya when only last week I seem to recall them saying that too much was being done. Damned if you do; damned if you don’t.

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