Hillsborough open for business

booty bag

Booty for Developers

Today’s Special to the Tampa Tribune; Hillsborough, cities “open for business” demonstrates what is wrong with Big Government.

With all the high-powered costly committees, studies and task forces in Hillsborough and the cities, you would think they could collectively come up with something better than having taxpayers shoulder the costs of new roads, sewer and water capacity so that land owners and developers can then sell to some promised out-of-town white-knight company.

KPMG’s Guide to International Business Location 2010 reports that Tampa is ranked as the “most cost-effective city for businesses to locate” in the entire United States.

We already have millions of square feet of shovel-ready and move-in ready office and light industrial space sitting vacant.

 Instead, expand the County’s incentives for home-grown jobs program started by Commissioner Murman.

Clean up the litter, graffiti, weeds and crime in the downtown areas first, and then maybe we would be more attractive to outside business investment.

Tampa is the Roger Dangerfield of large cities, and by extension, so is the entire region. We won’t get any respect until we exhibit some meaningful self-respect.


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