Wanted: Patriotic CEOs

Contrary to what Mitt Romney and others may think, corporations are NOT people.

For-profit corporations exist for the sole purpose of generating profits for their stockholders.

Corporate CEOs get incentives for how well they earn profits for stockholders.

Those stockholders and CEOs are the people who make decisions about how well their corporations participate in society.

Patriotic corporations give back to society.

At a time when our young men and women are willing to risk life and limb overseas to protect our way of life, how do corporate CEOs justify working only to protect their own narrow, self-interest way of life?

How do they justify unemployment, hunger and homelessness in America?

Today, if you are not a patriot, fighting in some way to preserve and protect America, you (corporation, stockholder, CEO or whatever) are a traitor to America.

Stop breathing my air.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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